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We install All Sizes of carpets, Residential and commercial carpet installation experts .

Paul’s Carpet Cleaning is one of the few carpet cleaning companies with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

We’ve been making carpets sparkle for the past 20 years. Our professional and experienced team love what they do and you can see just how much when their job is done. Our long list of satisfied customers is growing by the day.

Every carpet that we receive for cleaning goes through the following process:

  • First, the carpet will be inspected for existing conditions including—but not limited—to: stains, spots, color run, open seams, torn or ripped edges/binding, missing fringe, worn walk areas, delamination, etc.
  • We thoroughly vacuum each carpet, followed by a pre-spotting spray applied to any spots/stains, then a scrub shampoo to loosen deep-down dirt; followed by a steam cleaning to remove soap/dirt, etc. The detergents we use are friendly to the environment, children and pets.
  • The carpet is then hung in our custom-made drying area. Carpets generally dry very quickly; usually over-night. When they’re are completely dry, they will be rolled and wrapped in brown kraft paper.

And that’s it! Your carpet will look and smell, even feel brand new again! Not only that: the life of your carpet will be prolonged, and the air quality in your home or office improved.

If it is more convenient for you to have our team at your home or office to do the cleaning, no problem! All of Paul’s Carpet Cleaning trucks are mounted with hot steam extraction units, where water is heated to 220 degrees to properly steam clean your carpets. The trucks have their own separate clean and dirty water tanks. Fresh water is used to clean the carpets and Paul’s Carpet Cleaning takes away all the dirty one.

While cleaning, each member of our team wears booties over their shoes. Protectors are placed under all furniture and on molding to make sure nothing is damaged. Our team will move as much furniture as possible to make sure your whole carpet is cleaned.

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