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We install All Sizes of carpets, Residential and commercial carpet installation experts .

Paul’s Carpet Cleaning professionals will clean your area rugs safely and effectively.

Area rugs usually receive a fair amount of traffic, because they are usually put down in high-traffic areas to not only decorate, but to also protect living spaces. Similar to carpets and upholstered furniture, area rugs trap dirt, allergens and bacteria. If maintained and kept clean regularly, these rugs are able to prevent those unhealthy elements from circulating to other rooms.

We clean all types of area rugs at our on-premise plant: broadloom, all handmade and machine-made Orientals, all wool rugs, axministers, dhurries, kilims, braids, reversibles, hand-hooked and latch hook rugs, and flokatis. Our pick-up delivery is just a phone call away. We’ll come to your home or office, pick up your carpets, and return them when they look brand new again! If we feel that the rug hasn’t been properly clean, we will go through the whole process again if needed, until we’re satisfied with it, as you will be, too.

Or, you can always drop off your area rugs for cleaning any time during regular business hours—whichever way is more convenient for you. Not only that, but we can do all the cleaning at your home or office. Our truck-mounted steam cleaner will cleaning your wall-to-wall carpet and upholstery wherever they are.

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